My Karate Journey - Alan Sekiguchi

November, 2023



            I never imagined writing a story, much less a book, about my karate career.  Two years ago I received a Storyworth subscription from Remy, my daughter, for Christmas (2021).  For those unfamiliar, this program sends you weekly writing prompts for an entire year in an attempt to elicit various responses from the writer, from growing up, to your parents, to different experiences in your life.  At the end of the year, all the stories are put together into a bound hard-cover book.

           Receiving this “gift” seemed more like a curse than a present!  You see, I never considered myself a writer or storyteller, and this “gift” brought me back to the dreaded days of school homework.

           However, after a slow start, I began to enjoy reminiscing about the old times and recalling the many joyful experiences I have had in my life.  I began to look forward to the weekly prompts, wondering what “new” stories I could uncover.

           Unfortunately, some of the prompts did not stir an interest or desire to discuss the topic.  That is when I decided to write about my karate journey.  Read on to discover what karate has done for me and my life!


Part 1: My Journey Starts at the UH
Part 2: Beginner to International Competitor
Part 3: The Dream Begins -- Training with Asai
Part 4: A Lesson Learned Well
Part 5: Student to Teacher
Part 6: Going to Battle!
Part 7: The Honeymoon Ends!
Part 8: A New Dawn: Year 1!
Part 10: Fun at "Work!"
Part 11: Nothing is Free!
Part 12: Giving Back!
Part 13: Precious Moments!
Part 14: The Pandemic: Tossed, Turned,but Still Standing!
Part 15: The "FIRE" Returns!
Part 16: From Students, to Instructors, to Best Friends!
Part 17: From Devil to "Angel" … My Amazing Transformation!
Part 18: The Future of HSK!
Part 19: A Home Away From Home!
Part 20: Staying Fit!
Part 21: The Wonder of KIAI!
Part 22: Breaking From Tradition!
Part 23: The Magic of Asai!
Part 24: Strong Mind, Aging Body!
Part 25: Rethinking My Thinking!
Part 26: Summary of 2022; the PROMISE of 2023!!!
Part 27: From Promise to Mission!
Part 28: My Continued Battle for Relevance!
Part 29: My Legacy Hope!
Part 30: 2023 Resolutions!
Part 31: What Others Say!
Part 32: "Complete Tyrant"?
Part 33: The Future of HSK!

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