Shifting Techniques

October, 2020


My series on “Self-Defense Techniques” has stirred an unexpected response from our members and instructors! They now want me to do MORE! So, while I am still able, here is yet another.

This series focuses on “Shifting Techniques.” Generally, HSK’s shifting techniques are NOT introduced to our students until they are able to demonstrate competence in the basic blocking techniques. Shifting effectively to avoid an attack requires good balance and a strong and stable stance. This is the reason why these techniques are taught ONLY to our intermediate level students and above. Shifting your position during an attack takes you out of harm’s way and gives you a definite advantage in the angle and effectiveness of your counter.

Shifting Techniques
Shift back, reverse punch
Front foot pivot, reverse punch
Step-shift, reverse punch
180 degree pivot, reverse punch
Shift to the side, reverse punch
Step back, shift to the side, reverse punch
Step back, step in with punch
Shift back, step in with punch
Shift back, switch stance, step ahead lunging punch