Technique Tutorials

October 16 , 2020


My attempt during this pandemic to document many of the techniques that I have taught to my students continues. Though others may be added later to my Self-Defense Techniques and Shifting Techniques, I now move on to a section called Tutorials. This section includes instructions and helpful tips on the delivery and execution of various techniques NOT usually taught in a typical Shotokan karate class.

This section includes the most diverse types of techniques of the three now posted on our website. Thanks to my training in Judo and experiences elsewhere, I introduced many different techniques to our advanced training agenda. These include the wheel kick, wheel sweep, and something I call the “high-low,” which is a combination of the wheel kick and wheel sweep. I also taught my advanced students several take-downs, breaking techniques, leg strikes, stopping techniques and, what I call, “sliding techniques.” Hopefully I will be able to show you many, if not most of these techniques.

Technique Tutorials
Reverse Punch
Wheel Kick
Wheel Sweep
Wheel Kick and Sweep Combination