February, 2021


For me, kata has always been an art expressing both beauty in body lines and form, and power in focus and timing. A kata tells a story of conflict and a battle against adversaries. It is like a silent movie, where emotions and feelings are depicted through action!

Everyone knows that a great story is one that captivates their mind and imagination, and draws them deeply into the turmoil felt by the main character. A kata is no different. Thus, in order to evoke this same feeling, one must convince the viewer of a real battle being fought!

To ensure that this urgent feeling is relayed to the viewer, here are some tips that could make the difference between an “okay” kata and an “AWESOME” one. Although there are many factors involved in performing an awesome kata, I will cover four that can instantly transform your “so-so” kata with little effort!

Sekiguchi Sensei posted this tutorial in February of 2021, at the age of 73.