HSK Invitational Tournament May 17, 2008 (Page 1)


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Annual Awards (see previous years)  

Member of the Year, 

Scott Oshiro (left)

Tom Sekiguchi Most Inspirational, 

Eloise Aguiar (Ranall Monaghan accepting)


White/Yellow, mixed,9 and below

Cade Aquino 3rd, Paige Verville 1st, Gerald Cacalda 2nd

White/Yellow, mixed 10 and above

Michelle Verville 3nd, Jered Kawaoka 1st,

 Lilia Chan 2nd

Blue, mixed 9 and below

Mari Kunihisa 3rd, Gregg Abe 1st, Quinn Arakai 2nd

Blue, mixed 11 and above

Danford Oshima 2nd, Kyle Shimogawa1st,

Deanna Frank 3rd

Green and purple, mixed 12 and below

Nicholas Garcia 3rd, Justin Ando 1st, Megan Chang 2nd

Green and purple, mixed, 14 and above

Denise Nakasone 2nd, Courtney Oshiro 1st,

Samantha Shizuru 3rd

Brown Belt

Carole Kau 3rd, Alyssa Lau 1st,

Rachel Uemoto and Tracy Reynolds 2nd

Black Belt

Raymond Ikeda 3rd, Randall Monaghan 1st,

Les Nishikawa 2nd

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