HSK Invitational Tournament May 22, 2010 (Page 1)


Thank you to all the volunteers for making our tournament a success.

  Juile Abe Maleah Oku
  Andrew Basuel Marcus Rivera
  Ralf Bauer Clinton Tsukamoto
  Letizia deLannoy Germaine Tsukamoto
  Ed Dolormente Gerald Watanabe
  Terry Espino Daryl Yasuoka
  William Jarret Carin Yoshimi
  Shoko Kai-Fisher  


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pictures by Marcus Rivera and Daryl Yasuoka

Annual Awards (see previous years)  

Member of the Year, 

Clifford Lau (right)

Tom Sekiguchi Most Inspirational, 

Scott Oshiro (right)


Novice: 7 and below

Jason Guo 2nd, Raiden Takasato 1st, Payton Oku 3rd

Color Belts, 7 and below

Adoria Lee 2nd, Treyjan Oshiro 1st,

Amira FIsher 3rd

Color Belts: 8-10

Donovan Lee 2nd, Trevor Powell 1st,

Melissa Chan 3rd

Color Belts: 11 - 14

Nathan Marquez 2nd, Kelsey Winters1st,

Amy Chow 3rd

Color Belts: Adults

Brain Dote 2nd, Marcelo Kobayashi 1st,

Hannah Marquez 3rd

Advanced: 8 - 10

Isabelle Bauer 2nd, Korey Basuel1st,

Ava Skonecki 3rd

Advanced: 11 - 15

Gregg Abe 2nd, Rafe McAtee 1st,

Nicholas Garcia 3rd

Advanced: Adults

Danford Oshima 2nd, Todd China 1st,

SueAnn Yasuoka 3rd

Brown Belt Mixed

Carole Kau 2nd, Courtney Oshiro 1st, Denise Nakasone 3rd

Black Belt Mixed

Les Nishikawa 2nd, Scott Oshiro 1st,

Randall Monaghan 3rd


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