HSK Spring Tournament 2003 (Page 1)

(revised 05/20/03)

WOW, it was a busy HSK day at Noelani School.  The competition was fierce.  All the participants were ready to show their 'stuff'. The morning began with warm ups followed by kata , then kumite competition.  Congratulations to all the participants for a job well done. Thank you to all those that helped with score keeping and cleanup.

And a special thanks to Senpais Ted Kaneshiro and Cliff Sasano from SKIF for helping with today's judging.

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Photos by Eugene Young

Annual Awards (see previous years)  

Member of the Year, 

Clifford Lau

Tom Sekiguchi Most Inspirational, 

Randall Monaghan

Kata - Age Groups  

5 to 7 Years

Ayumi Sakamoto (3rd), Rachel Uemoto (1st), Ian Okuhata (2nd)

8 to 9 Years

Rachel Look(3rd), Alyssa Lau (1st),

 Shaun Arquero (2nd)

10 to 11 Years

Scott Taber (3rd), Robby Uemoto (1st),  Alyssa Fukumae(2nd)

 12 to 14 Years

Brittney Guro (2nd), Brandon Go (1st),

Timothy Miyahara (3rd)

15 Years and Above

Allsion Yamashiro (3rd), Justin Yoshimoto (1st), Myles Ushio (2nd)


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