HSK Invitational Tournament May 22, 2004 (Page 1)

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9:00 A.M. and our fourth annual invitational tournament was underway.  Joining HSK was a Shotokan Karate-do International Federation (SKIF) contingent that was ready for action.   The tournament started with kata, followed by kihon, one-step kumite and free style kumite.  Congratulations to all of the participants for doing a fantastic job. 


Thank you to all the volunteers for helping with the score keeping and clean up.


And a special thanks to  Francis Fong sensei, senpai Les Nishikawa, and senpai Chris Shimana of SKIF for helping with today's  tournament judging.

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Annual Awards (see previous years)  

Member of the Year, 

Lilly Kato

Tom Sekiguchi Most Inspirational, 

Eric Wauke


7 and Under (white/yellow)

Noah Ortiguerra 3rd, Jay Sato 1st, Thomas Okamoto 2nd

7 and Under (blue/green)

Ian Okuhata 3rd, Yusuke Tsuzuki 1st, Ayumi Sakamoto 2nd

8 to 10 years 

Taylor Kim 2nd, Gavin Chun 1st, Tyler Kim 3rd

8 to 12 years (white/yellow)

Sean Whistler 3rd, Matthew Derouin 1st, Carol Kau 2nd

8 to 9 years 

Kristen Ushio 3rd, Chase Kumakura 1st, Alyssa Lau 2nd

11 to 13 years (novice)

Daniel Inafuku 2nd, Brittney Guro 1st, Michelle Ige 3rd

11 to 13 years (advanced)

Malia Sato 3rd, Robert Uemoto 1st, Jonathan Woo 2nd

14 and older

Randall Asato 2nd, Miles Ushio 1st, Madona Keohokapu 3rd

Advanced Female

Kelly Chang 2nd, Lilly Kato 1st, Allison Yamashiro 3rd

Advanced Black Belt

Ray Ikeda 2nd, Lawrence Go 1st, Chris Shimana 3rd

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