HSK Invitational Tournament May 19, 2007 (Page 1)

Mahalo to all the volunteers and members for helping today. Your efforts are essential to success of our tournament.  A special thanks to the members and instructors of SKIF for your participation and your help with tournament judging.

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following pictures by Alex Choy and Randall Monaghan

Annual Awards (see previous years)  

Member of the Year, 

Joe Flores (left)

Tom Sekiguchi Most Inspirational, 

Ray Ikeda (right)


White/Yellow, mixed,10 and below

Michael Terakubo 2nd, Ava Skonecki 1st, Taylor Frey 2nd

White/Yellow, mixed 11 and above

Dan Oshima 2nd, Nainoa Kupau Miranda 1st,

 Dori Tyau 3rd

Blue, mixed 11 and below

Joshua Basuel 1st, Emilie Nakashone 2nd, Megan Chang 3rd

Blue, mixed 12 and above

Hikari Nakajima 3rd, Denise Nakasone 1st,

Steven Sakata 2nd

Green and purple, mixed 10 and below

Matthew Shimabukuro 2nd, Jayna-Lei Wakatake 1st, Hayden Fobel 3rd

Green and purple, mixed, 11-16

Carole Kau 2nd, Courtney Oshiro 1st,

Chase Kumakura 3rd

Green and Purple, female, 18 and above

Dawn Sur 3rd, Tracey Reynolds 1st,

Moni Allenby 2nd

Brown, mixed, 17 and below

Alyssa Lau 2nd, Rachel Uemoto 1st,

Chane Umeno 3rd

Brown, mixed, 18 and above

Allison Yamashiro 2nd, Scott Oshiro 1st,

Myles Ushio 3nd

Black, mixed

Clifford Lau 3rd, Ray Ikeda 1st,

Randall Monaghan 2nd

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